Wedding App: The Most Important Part of your Wedding Planning

Wedding App: The Most Important Part of your Wedding Planning

What is the most important part of wedding planning? You’d say photographer, venue booking, wedding food. But isn’t keeping the guests happy the most important part of the wedding?

How do you keep the wedding guests happy? By engaging with them! Yes, with the introduction of technology in weddings, it’s now easier than ever. Wedding apps these days do all your wedding planning. There are a lot of types in the market. Some of them are mentioned below.

Wedding app for Invitations – This wedding app is used to invite people. It has all the details about your wedding, your gift registry, a social wall for guests to interact and a photo wall for all your guests to add all the pictures you took for the wedding. This one is a brilliant, stress-free way of being involved with your guests.

Wedding planning app – This wedding app is your genie. It takes care of your wedding logistics like a pro.

The all rounder – This app is everything that you need to handle at a wedding. It has e-invites, websites, inbuilt app generators, wedding checklist, budget planning, gift registry builder and vendors list with contact information and communication channels.

Why are Wedding apps the most important part of your wedding planning?

They make wedding planning bearable – Ever seen a wedding house? It has hundreds of sheets, one big bag with all the money and bills and wedding invitation samples. A wedding app solves all these problems and puts everything in the phone. By having everything in one place you’re atleast sane about the whole wedding planning thing.

It’s easy, accessible and a super cheap form of a wedding planner – What does a wedding planner do? Converses with the guests about their details and makes food, stay and entertainment arrangements for them. A wedding planning app does just that for you. You save so much time and money involved in hiring a wedding planner and checking to make sure he gets the job done.

It upgrades the experience for wedding guests – Wedding guests are used to informal phone calls and whatsapp messages when it comes to stay and other arrangements. When they receive customized messages from apps it seems like a good and different experience. Aside of that, when an app is allocating and planning pickups and drops for the guests community you can expect less error too.

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