Everything to know about Ada Kotipathi Result

Everything to know about Ada Kotipathi Result

Sri Lanka’s Development Lotteries Board (DLB) has a wide range of games to choose from. Ada Kotopathi is one of the popular games. This game offers players since drawing takes place 7 days per week. Ada Kotipathi Result offers multiple winning prize tiers and also some great opportunities to win an award.

If you are new to play the lottery, you should not miss playing this game. If you are wondering whether it is legitimate and how you can take part, you will find everything in the following post. This guide will answer all your questions and many more. Also, you will get all further details on the DLB Sri Lankan game.

How does Ada Kotipathi work?

Ada Kotipathi game involves the first alphabet of a player’s name. Each lottery has a lucky alphabet which is announced with the winning number. If a player’s first name has the same alphabet as the lottery’s lucky alphabet, then they are entitled to win this jackpot.

For example, if a person’s name starts with an ‘A’, and the lucky alphabet is also ‘A’, then the person can win the cash prize. If the alphabet and all 4 winning numbers match, then a player can win a gets 50,000,000 Rupees. In case, if the 4 numbers match and the alphabet does not match, then the player will get only 1,000,000 Rupees.

Ada Katipathi tickets:

In Ada Kotipathi Result, the ticket comes in 7 different colors. The ticket has 4 numbers and 1 alphabet printed over them. You need to match each of your ticket number with the number that appears. In the selection, 4 numbers are selected out of the 77 balls which are present. In alphabets, there are a total of 26 balls, out of which 1 is selected. You need to be specific about your ticket color.

Rules of Ada Kotipathi:

Ada Kotipathi has straightforward and simple rules. You will have a pool of 77 numbers. You need to choose 4 of those for a chance to claim a jackpot or any 1 of the smaller prize tiers.

On its top, you need to pick an alphabet letter. Therefore, your entry ticket will be looking like this – 2,30,53,75 + P.

Daily draw:

The daily draw is broadcast and televised live at 9.30 pm local time of Sri Lanka and you watch its results on Sri Lankan time on Channel 1.

Cost of the Ada Kotipathi Ticket:

The cost of the Ada Kotipathi single ticket is 20 Sri Lankan Rupees which is slightly more than $ 0.10.

One of the interesting parts of the ticket is that daily drawing comes with its particular color. That color is also one of the drawings that are often considered like Red is for the Monday drawing and light blue is foe Tuesday and Pink for Wednesday and so on.

How to buy Ada Kotipathi ticket?

If you want to play Ada Kotipathi and looking for an easy way to get a ticket, you can buy it from any DLB authorized and licensed retail venues in Sri Lanka.

It is safe to buy and play DLB as it operates under local regulations and presidential supervision which were enforced to launch a national lottery.

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