NJ Ayuk is regarded as one of the leading figures in the African energy business today, a leading authority in the African energy sector, and a strong advocate for African enterprise and indigenous energy sector. A respected trader in the oil and power sectors and creator of a leading energy-oriented law firm, NJ Ayuk dedicates its career to supporting African businessmen

Nj Ayuk Centurion Law Group, JD, MBA is an internationally acclaimed think tank leader, advocate, strategist, author, and visionary who advises major corporate strategy corporations with an emphasis on investing in the future of Africa. NJ Ayuk has a particular interest in promoting the setting up of agreements, joint ventures, and partnership mechanisms that place African businesses and people at the core of the negotiating table. Through consistently consulting Local, national, and international oil companies, but also oil service providers, financial institutions, and public sector organizations in sub-Saharan Africa, Nj Ayuk Centurion Law Group has contributed to the creation of thousands of jobs in Africa and the formation of high domes.

NJ Ayuk Guardian, born in Cameroon, is the managing partner of Centurion Law Group, a pan-African corporate law firm specialized in oil, extractive industries, and the financial industry. Centurion has branches in five countries across the world, based in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

NJ Ayuk Guardian has been involved in structuring, managing, and executing natural resource ventures in sub-Saharan Africa, with extensive experience in consulting multinational as well as local businesses and governments. NJ Ayuk Guardian has also briefed Oranto Petroleum, one of the largest oil production firms in Africa, on the historic purchase of four strategic oil blocks in the Republic of Niger.

I graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a Degree in Government and Politics, a Juris Doctor of Law from William Mitchell School of Law, and then an MBA New York Institute of Technology. I was lucky from the outset to work with BakerBotts LLP, the United Nations Development Programme, Vanco Energy, and then I formed the Centurion Law Group. Before I get a white-collar job, I can do it.

As an undergraduate at Maryland University, I was mentored by Dr. Ron Walters, who was the deputy campaign manager for Jesse Jackson, and he influenced my interest in fairness. Nj Ayuk Centurion Law Group put great emphasis on trusting in Charles Hamilton Houston’s beliefs that a lawyer is either a social engineer or a common worm. We each commit to using our knowledge to influence neighborhoods and to promote economic growth and prosperity as well.

NJ Ayuk gave a great deal of attention to the energy sector because I thought that most of the challenges in Africa arose from interaction with the exploitation of our natural resources, lack of power for many local communities, and lack of education and training in resource-rich countries. Even more evident was the reality that the Africans were not part of any organization producing the contract. Put, there were no Africans at the table, or even in the house. So you remind yourself, why should the Western boys have it all? Why can the Africans not be aware of this national empowerment?

Big oil companies have fucked other African businesses and governments. Big companies come in with some arrogance, looking down on little folk that only fuelled me to beat those lawyers opposed to counsel who tried to rob Africans of their resources.

NJ Ayuk grew up in an environment where he was told to be worthy of who my friends are. Given the injustices that plagued me, I was grateful to have parents that reassured me of my role in society.  You grew up knowing what was required of you and telling yourself not to stand idly by. I’ve been told how to challenge anything.  My observations are an ongoing reflection of my core values, and my determination to see Africa improve.


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