Barid Design Certificates Application Form Professional

Barid Design Certificates Application Form Professional

Save time and dematerialize your exchanges with guaranteed legal value

With the Braid eSign Class 3 certificate and its create digital signature function, give your digital documents the same legal value as physical documents.

Barid eSign Class 3 is essential to create a secure electronic signature, presumed reliable as stipulated by the law 53-05 on the electronic exchanges of legal data.


Barid eSign Class 3 certificate comes in the form of a USB key equipped with an electronic chip containing your private key and your digital certificate proving your identity by the Barid eSign certification authority. This chip is protected by a personal PIN code; it allows the cardholder to electronically sign a document.

Barid eSign Certificate Class 3 opens the doors of a 100% digital management with confidence. To sign an electronic document: it’s easy, just insert your Barid eSign Class 3 USB stick into your computer, enter your PIN code and you’re done!

  • Companies to Administrations:
  • VAT and IS tax return
  • Online responses to CALLS FOR TENDERS
  • Customs clearance online via the BADR portal
  • Teledeclared salary
  • Access to the Business Portal
  • Dematerialized invoices
  • Other administrative procedures…
  • Companies to Banks:
  • Signature in EBICS-TS
  • Signature in ETEBAC 5
  • Signature in SwiftNet


  • Teletransmission of ACTS
  • Inter-Enterprise
  • Signing CONTRACT Online B2B
  • Dematerialized invoices
  • Electronic paraphords

Distribution Networks and Partnerships

Your BarideSign Class 3 certificate can be obtained from the Poste Maroc postal network, after scrupulous verification of your identity and your professional qualification, thus guaranteeing you an optimal security in the use of your electronic signature.

CDC Arkhineo has obtained the qualification by ANSSI * of its solutions for the preservation and validation of electronic signatures and seals as part of eIDAS, a European electronic signature regulation and its uses for administrations and local authorities. CDC Arkhinéo is the 1 st and only French company to have obtained this certification.

Barid eSign focuses its development on the openness and the multiplicity of partnerships that it sets up in various sectors (integrators and software publishers …), to go towards more proximity with the uses of the certificates it delivers.

  • Functionality & Services
  • Certified cryptographic chip EAL4 + housed in a USB key
  • RSA 2048 bit private key
  • Validity period of 2 years
  • Online revocation service available 24/7 in case of loss or theft
  • Online PIN unlock service available 24/7
  • CD Rom for installation allowing you to use your key on any computer
  • Hotline of assistance by mail and phone
  • Certification agent in the company for the equipment in number

Our advantages:

  • Recognized electronic signature deemed reliable by Moroccan law
  • Obtaining from the local postal network Poste Maroc
  • Privileged partnerships with online service providers

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