Easy Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing

Easy Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing

As Instagram influencer marketing continues to grow, the industry has grown to almost $2 billion. Currently many have started running social post and collaborative marketing campaigns on Instagram. Instagram is a popular and most used social media platform that is the perfect place to have lots of friends.

Influencer marketing is mostly done on Instagram as it is the most used platform. It is very easy to post video photos and written material here, apart from this, the option of story is also given here. This is the reason why influencers use Instagram more because it is easier to attract an audience here.

If you want to start Instagram Influencer Marketing for your brand then you must have complete knowledge about that. Through this blog we are presenting you with an Insta Influencer Marketing Guide. This will help you improve your strategy.

What is instagram influencer marketing and why is it needed?

Instagram can really prove to be a good platform for your brand. When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram takes very little time to grow your business. Instagram makes the influencer marketing strategy more effective, with the help of which you can get quick results. It is the best social media platform for any marketing strategy. The popularity of other social media platforms is only 1.5% but the popularity of Instagram is 3.21%.

Influencer marketing is a way in which an influencer promotes a brand. Which is really a boon for any business, this process benefits every business. Instagram makes Influencer Marketing strategy more effective, it is very helpful for businesses to grow faster.

How much does Instagram influencer marketing cost?

This is the question raised by most of the entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that Instagram is a good platform for promotion of many brands. How much Instagram Influencer Marketing will cost depends on the type of Influencer. If you are dealing with influencers with a range of 1 million then this can be costly for you.

Mega Influencers charge $1000 for Per instagram Posts .In contrast, Micro influencers charge $300 for an Instagram post.

How to Find the Right influencer for Your Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Choosing the right influencer for your marketing campaign is essential but it can be a bit daunting. For this you need to think well. Here are the steps on how to find the right Insta influencer.

Check the number of followers.

This is the first step to finding a good influencer. You should be aware of the number of followers of the person you are working with. The number of followers of an Influencer determines how much money that Influencer will charge you for working with you.

Check the quality of followers.

There are many such influencers on social media who have 37 million 28 million followers. But there are some of them whose only 34 Million out of 37 followers of the remaining 3 million are fake. So you have to avoid such influences and check the number and quality of their followers whether all their followers are real or not.

Check the quality of the content.

When you know the number and quality of followers of an Influencer. Now is the time to investigate what kind of content Influence is creating. For this you can see the content posted by him.

Check their engagement.

In the end you need to examine the type of influencer you want to work with. How is the relationship of the Influencer with their followers? That is, how do viewers comment on that Instagram Influencer’s post, good or bad. Apart from this, you can also check whether the public trusts that influencer or not.

How to track the results of your Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy?

This question often comes from the business side. You already know how to do Influencer Marketing on Instagram but now it’s time to know how you will track your results.

If you have made your Marketing Strategy in an intuitive way then you will get good results but it will take some time. But you can check the results in the following way.

You can check the results by seeing how many your sales have improved, whether your sales have increased or not.

Apart from this, you can measure the engagement rate by how comments are coming on your business posts, whether people like or not, and how much they are sharing. What are people thinking about your brand on social media? Whether more traffic came to your website than before. Conversion Tracking System etc. By checking all these methods, you can measure your results.

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