Why New Traders Face Losses

Why New Traders Face Losses

In Forex market, traders face loss for various reasons. However. To get success, it is important to trade with high precision. But, most of the time, traders make huge errors. And so, they face a big hassle. However, many traders face problems because they have little idea about the market. For this reason, they can’t understand the situation and thus take the wrong decision. So, if you want to do well, you should know about the reasons behind loss. As a result, you might be able to avoid this.

In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons behind the big loss. We hope, it would be helpful for you. So, let’s know about these.

Not diversifying the portfolio

Traders should diversify their portfolios. Because, if they invest huge money in one trade, they’ll ultimately face big troubles. So, they invest in different trades which might aid them to do better. However, you should choose the asset properly. Because, sometimes, traders don’t understand which asset will be beneficial to them. Bear in mind, being a trader, you’ve to choose the right asset which might help you to make money. However, if you invest money in different assets, you might not face any big losses.

Not using the stop-loss

Every trader should use stop-loss. Because, if you can’t use the stop-loss, you might not be able to limit the loss. For this reason, you need to place the stop-loss at the right point. Bear in mind, if you can set the stop-loss and take profit at the right points, you might be able to maintain the risk-reward ratio. However, before setting the stop-loss, you should contemplate your trading style. Otherwise, you might face big troubles. Do not use the mental stop-loss as it will not work. To get more info about the proper use of the stop loss, you may visit the official website of Saxo. Go through their free resources and learn about risk management technique.

Not having strategy

Some newcomers use no organized strategy for trading. That’s why they face trouble. But, every trader should use the strategy because it can show the right path of trading. If you follow your plan properly, you might make fewer mistakes. But, if you ignore your trading strategy, you might make big mistakes. Always try to make an effective strategy which might aid you to do better. Always remember, if you fail to use the right strategy, you might face big troubles.

Avoid practicing

Many new traders don’t practice properly. And so, they don’t get the proper idea about the market. However, it is important to gain practical experience or else, it would be difficult to make the right decision. However, some traders become overconfident. For this reason, they start trading without getting any experience. And, ultimately, face the big troubles. However, to execute the trade properly, you should develop your skills which are possible by practicing. Otherwise, you might face a big issue. You should open a demo account and practice through it. If you practice regularly, you might get success. However, don’t think, you’ll get a similar result in the real market what you gain in the virtual market due to emotional turbulence.


Due to overtrading, the majority of the traders face troubles. So, they should avoid it. Actually, because of greed, traders try to open more positions. And ultimately face the big issue. But, if they can trade in the limit, they might reduce their cost. Bear in mind, if you try to trade more, you might face a big loss. That’s why you should aware of this issue. Always try to stick to your plan.

So, if you do these mistakes in terms of trading, you can’t avoid loss. That’s why you need to take your moves consciously. Or else, you might face big troubles. However, keep the discipline, you may be the winner. Because, it’s the key to success. 

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