The Art of Carpet Removal

The Art of Carpet Removal

If you want to remove your old, worn down stained carpet, do not Carpe diem.

Carpets can enrich the aesthetics of a house quickly. But a weary rug is going to have the opposite effect. If you need to replace your carpet or flooring, don’t do it yourself. The odds are you wouldn’t have the necessary equipment or experience (a YouTube video is not the answer) to do a clean job. Carpets are enormous, bulky, and dusty. This guide isn’t a naysayer article, but a means to the most efficient solution. Call in the pros. A junk disposal service will most often be the best crew as they will take care of the disposal of your carpet too.

Focus points

1. Pre-Checks

A professional junk removal company will thoroughly inspect the place before setting machinery to it. If your carpet is glued or tacked or on the stairs or basement, they will check it first. They will move all the furniture to safe areas and then resume work.

2. Flooring

Any damage to the flooring will cause chinks in the structural integrity of your house. Professionals will employ specialized equipment to make sure your carpet removal takes place without any casualties.


A hardwood floor is more prone to scratches and grooves. To prevent the line of the carpet and padding from bringing out the planks on the floor, professionals will cut a bit of your carpet and remove them.


When dealing with a concrete floor or tiled floor, it is best to do the job cleanly without repairing the decks. The junk removal service will remove your carpet and haul it up from your basement, too, if required.

3. Dust and Mildew

A widespread phenomenon is the presence of dust and mold beneath carpets. When you tear away carpets, there is a good chance it will enter your respiratory system and cause discomfort and allergies. An excellent removal service will avoid this by checking your floors beforehand and then get to work.

Carpet Disposal

Carpets can be unwieldy and huge to lug around from place to place as typical garbage disposal does not accept them. But you don’t have to sentence your carpet and its padding to the landfill just yet. They don’t have environmentally friendly materials, as they mostly consist of synthetic polymers. Rather than a landfill, recycling and reusing may be the best way to go. Habitats for Humanity, Red Cross, and Goodwill take in carpet scraps and old carpets to reuse or repurpose them. Recycled rugs find their way into new carpets, roof shingles, sports pitches, insulation, and fuel pellets. A junk removal service will transport your old carpet to the required locations and complete the process.

To sum up

Along with removing your carpet, add in a little bit of spring cleaning and get the best worth out of your junk removal company. Experts will give you an on-site estimate and, thus, make your work easier. Carpet removal is a great DIY project, but doing it correctly and cleanly is a job for the professionals. Carpet and padding disposal is also a great way to reduce the U.S.’s carbon footprint when done in an eco-friendly manner. Schedule an appointment in a jiffy and get an efficient crew out to work today.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” -Red Adair

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