How to Get an Autograph Authenticated

How to Get an Autograph Authenticated

One of the most forged autographs on the market is for Elvis Presley. Fake signatures of athletes, musicians, and actors are rampant in the autograph industry. This is especially true if they are deceased.

If you are a collector of autographs or have come into possession of the autograph on a piece of artwork, how do you know the signature is the real deal?

If you are looking for more information on how to get an autograph authenticated, look no further.

Here is everything you need to know and how best to preserve your autograph.

How to Get an Autograph Authenticated

When looking for a way on how to get an autograph authenticated, the most important step is to work with a professional authenticator.

A professional authenticator will use a mixture of computer technology and handwriting analysis to authenticate the autograph. Reputable companies will often use high-level equipment to ensure authenticity.

Some examples of reputable authenticators nationally include the Autograph Certification Experts, Professional Sports Authenticator, and more.

National companies will most likely require you to ship your autograph. If you feel uncomfortable with that, look around for local professional authenticators.

Obtain Your Certificate of Authenticity

Obtaining a certificate of authenticity is a great way to ensure that your autograph is real. It can also help you sell it more easily.

This can cost up to several hundred dollars. If you are certifying artwork, definitely invest in getting this certificate of authenticity.

However, a certificate of authenticity may not be worth the cost. Depending on whether or not the paper is wrinkled or crumpled or if the ink is fading, your autograph might be given a low grade of authenticity.

If you do not plan on selling a faded or wrinkled autograph, you might not need a certificate of authenticity.

Storing Your Authenticated Autograph

Once you have confirmed your authenticated autograph, it is only reasonable that you will want to store it securely.

You should decide whether or not you will be displaying your autograph or keeping it in a safe or box.

Whatever choice you land on, make sure you get a high-quality frame, glass display box, safe, or binder. Cheap materials can degrade this autograph. Moisture can get trapped in between the glass and the autograph further ruining the original autograph.

Avoid all of this by doing your research and getting the highest quality materials to preserve your authenticated autograph.

Learn more with this guide for the best ways on how to store your authenticated autograph.

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Forgeries happen very often in the autograph world. Learning how to get an autograph authenticated is the first step you must take to avoid getting scammed.

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