Dog Lovers Should Definitely Watch These Bollywood Movies

Dogs are undoubtedly the finest thing that has happened to mankind and of course Bollywood agrees to it. For so many years, Bollywood has apparently shown the beauty and charm of dogs and their relationship with human beings and this list is a must-watch for Dog lovers.

Through this list you would get to know about the movies that have dog as a part of the story. Indeed, your love for the dogs would be threefold once you watch these movies. For now, have a quick walk through these movies:

SachaaJhutha (1970)

Directed by Manmohan Desai in the times of 70’s, the flick stars Moti as the loyal dog of protagonist’s disabled sister, who has come to city to look for her missing brother. The quintessential Bollywood movies of those periods had a specific obsession with lookalikes and the protagonist had a wicked look-alike too. It was just Moti who could identify the good and trustable guy!

Betaab (1983)

You know Sunny Deol in this movie has played the role of a farm boy having a cute Labrador named Bozo who is his constant companion. Bozo stays with Sunny through the highs and low and appears to understand Sunny better than the love interest he had. Bozo even plays the dog that saves the day when the villains try to kidnap the girlfriend named Roma.  His role would bring you in tears and you would be all love for dogs.

Teri Meherbaniyan (1985)

This is one of those flicks wherein the dog steals the whole limelight and carries the movie on his paws. The movie starts with the young Moti getting rescued and adopted by Jackie Shroff (Ram), and even the entire film appears to be a story of their bond. However, Ram gets murdered by the villains and ‘Moti’ takes the decision to take revenge by eventually mauling every one of them to death. It is not all,Moti even performs the last rites of Ram and even heads the Police to critical evidence.  Indeed, the movies like these surely leave anyone with tears and so much of emotions. If you have not watched this movie, you should watch now.

Mard (1985)

It is a flick that shows Amitabh Bachchan accompanied by two side heroes: a horse and the other one is dog. The dog which is named ‘Moti’ in this movie makes an absolutely relevant statement by doing urine on the face of British colonial oppression. The movie was really powerful and the dog being an important part of this movie. You would experience the thought process of the dog and how it blends so beautifully with the protagonist and others. You need to watch this movie to feel the important existence of the dog.


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