Best Standard for CBD Boxes

Best Standard for CBD Boxes

CBD packaging is part of our daily life. It can be practical, essential, arbitrary or original for brands, it responds primarily to technical functions but can also serve commercial and marketing issues. At best, it combines the two. In this article, discover or rediscover the purely technical functions of CBD packaging and its marketing functions. In short, discover how tailor-made and personalized CBD packaging can allow you to combine business with pleasure.

First of all useful

The primary function of CBD packaging is to package your products, to protect them. For this, it is important to choose a CBD packaging with technical characteristics appropriate to its content. Cardboard thickness, format, these aspects are purely technical and therefore essential to the protection of your items. For the CBD packaging of a bottle of wine, for example, it is preferable to choose a sufficiently thick and robust cardboard which will absorb shocks and will not sink during handling operations for shipping wines and spirits.

Custom printed CBD boxes with suitable dimensions allows a good maintenance of the product and therefore an additional guarantee that it arrives in good condition to its recipient. Finally, CBD packaging that is just the right size reduces the CBD packaging volume and therefore the volume of boxes to store and transport. For an e-commerce brand, this saves space and precious time!

Role of CBD packaging: Protect

The CBD packaging protects your products throughout your logistical processes, its sizing, both in terms of strength of the carton and of physical dimension is therefore fundamental. It guarantees impact resistance during delivery and can cost you dearly if it has been incorrectly sized and your products arrive damaged. The protection of your products also involves internal wedging materials or the production of cardboard wedges adapted to the product, the objective being to provide you with global solutions in this area.

Role of CBD packaging: To store

CBD packaging performs a key function in your supply chain: the storage of your packages, when they are not made “to order”. Accurate sizing will reduce the volume of your stocks and therefore your logistics costs and will also facilitate handling if you opt for CBD packaging with adhesive or merchandisable closure. It is therefore important that you have a clear vision of your logistics processes so that we can provide you with the most relevant solution.

CBD packaging functions: logistics

Better mastering the basic functions of its CBD packaging is also a way to better control costs. To limit these, some companies use standard size boxes, produced in large quantities. At first glance it seems profitable, but in reality the waste of material and the additional costs associated with the protective padding of the product quickly generate unnecessary losses. Not to mention that the padding is often bad for the environment and embarrassing for the recipient of the package. It is better to avoid this not very ecological practice which would risk spoiling the experience of your buyers.

By choosing to invest in tailor-made CBD packaging, you minimize the number of returns related to damage products. It is an additional cost at the base, but which is largely profitable by the reduction in the number of returns to be processed and the satisfaction of your customers in the long term. Think return on investment! If the package and its contents arrive in good condition, your customers will have a positive experience. They will do it again and recommend you!

In short, the technical functions of the CBD packaging are basic but essential to guarantee the protection of your products. And bespoke CBD packaging does not necessarily mean exorbitant expenses. By using common sense, you protect your products and bring satisfaction to your customers. Think about it!

Then the pleasant

Today, personalized CBD packaging has redefined CBD packaging standards and is becoming an essential sale and marketing tool for e-commerce players. In addition to its useful function, it is a great opportunity to improve your brand performance and the experience of your consumers.

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