Check EZ2 Past Results Online in 2019

Check EZ2 Past Results Online in 2019

The EZ2 is one of the daily prizes winning lotto available in the Philippines. There are many ordinary people, who have raised their living standards by trying their luck in this daily cash prize game. This is evident from the internet searches for EZ2 history November 2019. They are busy people who are not able to watch the live draw declaration. Here, we have discussed EZ2 info, its draw dates, and how to check EZ2 results online. Lotto is a lucrative game. It is luck and you may make a loss or win a prize possibility is one in 961.

EZ2 Info

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) circulates this lotto in the Philippines. That is why the Philippines and other nationals in this island country trust it. They are transparent and do the best practice in this lucrative business. They do spend a part of the money to various charity services. In this way, the lotto lovers do contribute to the economic development of their nation.

EZ2 Rules

  • Anyone who is above 18-years old in the Philippines can buy EZ2 from PCSO authorized venues only.
  • You can buy the EZ2 online too.
  • The foreign nationals visiting the Philippines legally can try their luck too. The rules are the same as the citizens of the Philippines are.
  • EZ2 prizes have a 20% tax deduction.
  • The prize money below 2000 P can be claimed from any of the PCSO authorized venues in the Philippines.
  • The prize money above 2000 P can be claimed from any of the PCSO offices in the Philippines.
  • The prize money is non-transferable.

EZ2 Draw Date and Time

The EZ2 draws happened daily in the below-mentioned timings.

  • 11:00 A.M
  • 04:00 P.M
  • 09:00 P.M

How to check EZ2 history online?

PCSO’s Official Website

If you wish to check EZ2 history November 2019, the PCSO’s official website is trusted by the Philippines. Here, you have the option to select by date. This site is free and login is not necessary. In this way, you can check the past dates with your ease and comforts 24/7. You can check this online from your Smartphone too. This website is the first to update the results. They are accurate and transparent too. As of now, there are no disputes due to the wrong updating of the EZ2 results.

Online Lotto Channels

Apart from PCSO’s official website, there are also other trusted online lotto websites. They do provide EZ2 history November 2019. You can also get other Philippines based lotto info from those websites. Here, you can check the past results for doing a prediction. You can also check for the winning numbers. These websites do update as per the PCSO declares the result every day. They do maintain its history to check by the busy people who are unable to check on the spot. These are free lotto channels. They are also trusted, as the Philippines Government does not allow any scam sites to enter their territory.

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